Company Update

End of Life (EOL) Notice For Polara XAV Series

Dear Polara Customer,

We would like to inform you that the XAV2E-LED Push Button Station, and the XAVCU2 Control Board will be discontinued. Polara will continue to accept new orders for these XAV products up until 12/31/2021. Please keep in mind that the lead-times for this product can be up to 8-10 weeks based on component availability.

These products are being replaced with iNX and/or iDX (touchless) Push Button Station. The iNX is a fully integrated system in one button. This eliminates the need for a separate control board unit. The iNX is designed and tested on the latest iNS APS platform, which has gone through independent lab testing for NEMA TS2 requirements, and is approved, and in use by multiple DOT’s and agencies in North America.

We highly recommend you begin transitioning to the iNX/iDX platform and benefit from the reduced amount of equipment, and additional programming features. The iNX uses the Polara Field Service App to wirelessly program via Bluetooth®, and provides counting ability for flashing cycles, button pushes, wireless sync activations, and iDetect (touchless activations). The iNX has wireless button-to-button syncing capability that can also eliminate the need for typically used radio transmitters, thus saving cost.

The lead-time on iNX and iDX is shorter than XAV products, typically 4-6 weeks. There are no changes to your existing warranty(s) as Polara will be support RMA’s. In warranty/RMA circumstances where XAV components are not available, we will offer the iNX. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Polara EOL Notice for XAV Model X