Request a Custom Message

Messages available for download from the audio library are only for use on the iNavigator APS push button stations.

Before requesting a message please search the audio library to ensure it does not already exist.

To request a message through the website, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, you can fill out a Voice Message Sheet, which can be downloaded here, that holds up to 15 messages, then submit them to your local distributor (typed voice sheets only) for approval. The distributor will then send them to us to be recorded.  If you do not know who your distributor is, please use the Find a Distributor page on this website to locate your distributor.

Orders will take 3-5 days to post to the website and you will receive an email when they post. If this is an emergency you can record your own message as a .wav or mp3 file and convert it to .ogg format using the Intelligent Configuration PC App Installer which can be downloaded Here.

All fields are required to proceed with the order.

  • VOL Message Requests: Wait to Cross at Wait

  • Street Being Crossed(at) Intersecting StreetStreet Being Crossed PhoneticIntersecting Street Phonetic 
    Add a new row
    Add additional crossing by clicking + sign
  • WALK Message Requests:

  • Street Being CrossedStreet Being Crossed Phonetic 
    Add a new row
    Add additional crossing by clicking + sign