Sales FAQs

Questions related to products can be found on the product pages

I’m from (city/country); who can I contact for pricing here?

We sell through our extensive network of distributors, who are experts in the unique requirements and challenges of your area. Here is a list of our distributors and the areas they serve. 

I live in [location outside of North America] and you don’t have a distributor in my area. Can I buy directly from you?
I’d like to distribute your products in [country]!

We love your enthusiasm! Please contact us through the Contact page or by calling 1-903-366-0300.

I’m looking for APS installation, programming, and maintenance training for my field techs. Who should I contact?

Our field engineers run training programs across the country. Visit our Contact page to schedule your training!

I need visual assets to present your products as part of an intersection we’re designing. Who do I contact for materials?

For product photos, CAD models, and any other product assets, please contact us here.

About the Build America, Buy America Act. What percentage of foreign steel is used in Polara products?

Polara products contain less than 2% foreign steel, which is used for fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts). 

Why should I follow PROWAG instead of the ADA Standards? Isn’t it still a draft?

PROWAG is not a draft; it is a proposed final rule, which will soon be adopted, and therefore enforceable, by the US Department of Justice. The ADA Standards do not offer sufficient detail on pedestrian accessibility, and were never intended to be applied to the public right of way. PROWAG provides a much more relevant application of accessibility to street settings, including crosswalks and pedestrian signals.