MUTCD APS location requirements map

A computer illustration of a curb cut, crosswalk, and pedestrian signal pole with the location requirements for APS, according to various sections of the MUTCD.All public infrastructure should be able to accommodate everyone, no matter their age or ability. That’s a belief we hold strongly at Polara, and it also happens to be the law (read our article on the Americans with Disabilities Act).

To achieve the vision of truly accessible transportation networks, cities need to make important decisions about everything from where to locate bus stops to how to design their crosswalks.

Fortunately, the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) has the answers. It provides a wealth of information on these topics and others, providing cities with specific standards and guidelines so they can become fully accessible and compliant.

We’ve created a map that condenses the MUTCD’s requirements for a signalized crosswalk with an accessible pedestrian signal (APS). It includes things like:

  • Push button height
  • Minimum clear path
  • Distance to curb face
  • Distance between APS
  • And more…

>>> Click here to download a PDF version of our APS location requirements map.