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iNX: Crosswalk Button Station | Fully Integrated System in One Button - Available with iDetect Touchless Actuation iDX 

iNX is the next generation of crosswalk accessibility, wireless connectivity and communication. iNX is designed for rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) and other approved flashing pedestrian crosswalk systems. It replaces Model-X and sets a new standard for pedestrian crosswalks with more features such as Bluetooth® 5 providing more speed, range and app capabilities.  iDX - Touchless version of iNX now available.

Polara iNX Crosswalk Button Station

The iNX provides an instructional sign, a push button with directional arrow for activating the flashing lights, a voice message, and a yellow LED which flashes upon actuation and continues to flash while the beacons are active.

iNX One Button System:

  • No control boards needed — Just connect cables.
  • Low power - works in battery/solar powered applications.
  • Button-to-button Bluetooth sync — No radios needed.
  • Modular speaker design with front and rear sound.
  • Bluetooth 5 — More speed, range and app capabilities.

Now Available with iDetect = iDX:

  • Touchless actuation
  • Inconspicuous radar detection - Not impeded by ice buildup
  • Vandal resistant
  • Detects movement typically within 1-4 inches, adjustable to 20 inches

FHWA & MUTCD Compliant:

  • March 20, 2018 FHWA/MUTCD Interim Approval 21 Accessible Pedestrian Features:

    • Locator tone.
    • No vibrotactile or percussion indications
    • If speech message used, “Yellow Lights are Flashing” is played twice.

Wireless Programming:

  • Industry-leading, secure access, wireless accessibility and control (iOS, Android).
  • Full wireless programming — Volumes, messages, time of day.
  • Button count info (pushes, waves, flashing cycles, syncs)
  • Uses the same proven Polara Field Service app used with the iNavigator series.

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iNX with iDetect Brochure

iNX and iDX with iDetect Push Button Station Brochure

This is the brochure for the iNX and iDX with iDetect Push Button Station.


iNX Cut Sheet

iNX/iDX Push Button Station Cut Sheet

This is the specification/cut sheet for the iNX Push Button Station.



iNX Quick Start Guide

iNX Push Button Station Quick Start Guide

This is the Quick Start Guide for the iNX Push Button Station.


iNX User Manual

iNX/iDX Push Button Station User Manual

This is the user manual for the iNX Push Button Station.


XAV-iNX Wiring

Converting XAV2E-LED wiring to iNX Push Button Station

This is a basic wiring guide to switching wiring from an XAV2E-LED (Model X) system to an iNX Push Button Station.


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iNX Accessories

iNX uses the same aluminum back mounting plate as the iNS push button station so all of the hardware accessories under iNS Accessories will work with the iNX unit unless otherwise noted.

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Color Change Kit for iNX Push Button Station

This color change kit is a bundle of the required parts needed to change the Front Cover color on an iNX PBS. Part numbers for ordering are shown on cut sheet (link below). To designate color in place of X use "B" for black, "G" for green and "Y" for yellow.