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Polara Launches Game Changing APS System with BIU Capable Central Control Unit

Polara is very excited to announce the release of a ground-breaking, game-changing APS system: BIU!

The Polara iN2 (iNavigator 2 Wire APS system) Central Control Unit – iCCU-S can now operate and function as a “Stand alone” BIU in a TS2 environment.

  • Any iCCU-S installed or on the shelf, already has the hardware and only requires a Firmware update to become/operate as a BIU
  • The update is also now available via the PC App “Intelligent Config” Version 1.13.5.  If you already have it installed, just check for updates and download the updates.  If you haven’t installed the program, it is a free download at
  • The update is also now available via the iOS (Apple) “Polara Field Service App” it is update/versions:

iOS (Apple) v1.13.5

iNx v3.196

iCCU-X v3.80

  • There is an updated “User Manual” with the BIU information on the website, and the iOS (Apple) “Polara Field Service App” also has the updated manual embedded into the app.  We have also added “Quick Start Guides” into the App.  Once you do the upgrade/update in the app, you will have the updated manual(s)
  • The latest iN2 Brochures on the website have the basic BIU information included.


  • There is no extra cost to upgrade the iCCU-S to become a BIU, however, you may need to add a couple of connecting components such as, an SDLC cable, or a SDLC cable that is a splitter (if there are no open SDLC ports or hub in the cabinet), and iN2-2WCABLE (2 wire PLC cable that connects on from terminal of iCCU-S and goes to the iN2-ICB (Interconnect Board).


  • To help guide you, or your customers in the ordering process, we have updated the “iNavigator 2-Wire Cabinet Hardware Configuration Form”  and developed a “iNavigator-Ordering-Graphic-Guide”  which can both be found on our website.
  • Polara has spent a lot of time developing and testing this BIU system.  However, we are not controller manufacturers and can only provide set up information from our side of the system.  You and your customers will need to refer to the controller manufacturer’s instructions for programming the interface on the controller side.  Here is a short summary or description:
  • The iCCU-S can be configured to operate in a TS 2 cabinet as any one of the four defined detector racks BIUs (DR  BIU 1-4)  using the Port 1 (SDLC) protocol.
  • The traffic controller will have to be programmed to enable the DR BIU and to map the Detector Rack inputs from that BIU to pedestrian inputs. This will allow the iCCU-S to place pedestrian call to the traffic controller using Port 1.


  • Please keep in mind that the iCCU-S is the most advanced and versatile 2 Wire APS system and Central Control Unit out there. It can operate in any cabinet (TS1, TS2, Hybrids, and 300 Series cabinets).  Customers can choose different levels of operation and wiring set up/configurations in their cabinets based on their comfort levels and systems.  For example, if a customer doesn’t want to run iCCU-S as a full BIU (may not want to, or know how to re-map the controller), but does have TS2 (SDLC) capability, they can at least pick up the “Ped Interval Timing” directly from the controller via SDLC, and save/reduce wiring in the cabinet (will not have to wire 50 pin harness cable number 4 to the high voltage ped outputs).  This does not require any additional controller programming.

·       Please note, that if your customer uses/wants pre-emption broadcasting capability, the 50 pin 4-cable harness is required to allow the pre-emption connect through cable number 3.

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