The iNavigator is setting the standard for the next generation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals.  It incorporates the latest technology in power line communication and wireless communication.

The iNavigator has the same features as the EZ Communicator EN Navigator product with added features including:

  • More distinctive button vibration
  • Better digital sound technology and 360º sound output
  • New button switch technology that allows push force adjustment
  • Wireless programming via Bluetooth or WiFi  that makes installation, programming and upgrading very easy to accomplish.  No need to remove covers or plug in cables to change messages or firmware.
  • Multiple Control Unit options on the iN2 to match cabinet models and simplify installation and utilize SDLC if available
  • Not channel limited and no longer limited to 4 buttons per channel as on EN2

The iN2  system offers multiple Central Control Unit options for different model cabinets, to simplify installation.  One Control unit installs in the Traffic Signal cabinet and it can control 16 or more iN2 Push Button Stations (PBS). One very unique feature of the iN2 PBS is that it can also operate as an iN3 PBS.

An iN3 system includes a Ped Head Control Unit (iPHCU3W),  and an iN3 PBS.

An iN2 system is designed for use on intersections with existing button wires and provides the maximum features and performance possible.  A Control Unit installs in the intersection Traffic Cabinet and coordinates the performance of each PBS over the existing two button wires.   All sounds are synchronized and special functions such as preemption messaging, muting of sounds, ping pong (alternating) of sounds and other features are available.

An iN3 system is designed for intersections where button wires do not exist, but can also be installed on intersections with button wires.   A Control Unit installs in each Pedestrian Signal and connects to a PBS via 3 wires.  Each system is independent of the others and each PBS responds to the messaging provided by the Pedestrian Signal Head it is connected to.  The sounds are not synchronized and some of the features on a 2-Wire system are not available.

The iN2 and iN3 PBS both include the body, sign, ADA-compliant push button and mounting hardware.  Both systems provide valuable information and cues via a vibrating arrow button and audible sounds, making the intersection accessible for all pedestrians.  A sunlight-visible red LED latches “ON” to confirm the button has been pushed.  The iNavigator 2- and 3-Wire systems provide the following standard features:

  • Vibrating button during walk
  • Confirmation of button push via latching LED, sound, and tactile bounce
  • Direction of travel (with extended button push)
  • Standard locating tone during Don’t Walk (and Clearance if desired)
  • Cuckoo, Chirp, Rapid Tick, Verbal, or user customized voice messages during walk. A total of 14 walk sound options are available, 3 are for custom voice messages/walk sounds
  • Choice of 4 locate tone options
  • Choice of 7 PED clearance. sound options
  • All sounds automatically adjust to ambient
  • Most sounds have a minimum and maximum volume setting option
  • An extended button push can turn on, or boost volumes.
  • Custom audio messages, firmware and configuration settings can be easily changed wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Independent ambient adjustment setting for the locate tone which allows fine adjustments for low ambient conditions.
  • False Walk Detection: Built-in
  • Program Selection Options: Time of Day, Week, Month, Holidays & Daylight Savings Time
  • Programs (Configurations): 1 Default plus 3 Alternate programs
  • Multiple Languages: Messages in a second Language can be provided
  • On the iN2 sounds are synchronized across all PBSs
  • On the iN2 an extended button push can mute all sounds except those on the activated crosswalk
  • On the iN2 system can provide pre-configured special messages played throughout the entire intersection upon a central system activated signal (preemption)

Note: As a result of the technological leap of the iNavigator, it is not backward compatible with the EZ Communicator EN Navigator models.

Design Compliance (iN2 and iN3 PBS Systems):

  • Functionality: MUTCD 2009 – 4E
  • Temperature and Humidity: NEMA TS 2
  • Transient Voltage Protection: NEMA TS 2
  • Transient Suppression: IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5
  • Electronic Noise: FCC Title 47, Part 15, Class A
  • Mechanical Shock and Vibration: NEMA TS 2
  • EN4 PBS Enclosure: NEMA 250 – Type 4X
  • Electrical Reliability: NEMA TS 4

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