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Polara designs and manufactures the most durable, technologically advanced, ADA-compliant and pedestrian-friendly crosswalk devices on the market. With over 200,000 units installed, Polara is the most trusted name by civic officials and transportation engineers in North America.

Polara Intelligent Navigator

iNavigator: Accessible Pedestrian Signals

The iNavigator is setting the standard for the next generation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals. It comes in 2-wire (iN2) and 3-wire (iN3) models and incorporates the latest technology in power line communication and wireless communication. The iNavigator has the same features as our legacy EZ Communicator EN Navigator product with several additional features.

Polara EZ Communicator Navigator

Legacy EZ Communicator Navigator

The EZ Communicator Navigator 2- and 4-Wire Push Button Stations (EN2 PBS and EN4 PBS) are the pedestrian interfaces to the EZ Communicator Navigator Accessible Pedestrian System. An EN2 system includes a Central Control Unit (CCU2EN), and up to 16 Push Button Stations (4 maximum per channel). An EN4 system includes a Ped Head Control Unit (PHCU4W), and a Push Button Station. Polara’s Configurator (ECONFIG) or PC Toolbox allow the customer/installer to easly configure all of the desired features on both systems.

(See News Post/Blog March 6, 2019 for End of Life announcement)

Polara Model X Crosswalk Button Station

Model-X Crosswalk Button Station

The Model-X push button station (PBS) is designed for use at a pedestrian crosswalk with in-pavement or overhead flashing yellow lights. Working in conjunction with a control unit, the Model-X provides an instructional sign, a push button with directional arrow for activating the flashing lights, a voice message, and a group of yellow LEDs which flash in sync with the street lighting. The Model-X uses the same rugged and reliable push button station and housing as Polara’s EZ COMM Navigator PBS.

Polara Bulldog Pedestrian Push Button

Bulldog Push Button

The Polara Bulldog is the most durable pedestrian push button on the market and sets a higher standard for ADA-compliant pedestrian crossing push buttons. Let the BullDog take a bite out of the cost of maintaining your push buttons. Don’t take chances with unproven, untested products! The Bulldog is the most durable, reliable button on the market and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Polara Crosswalk Signs with Braille

Crosswalk Signs and Braille

Polara Enterprises manufactures a wide range of pedestrian traffic signs to meet the needs of our customers. All Polara right/left arrow signs are printed double sided, with one side having a left arrow and the opposite side having a right arrow, to ensure that you never have to worry about having the correct arrow direction for your application.