Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Legacy EZCOMM Navigator APS by Polara



iNtelligent Navigator APS sign by Polara


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  • iN 3-Wire Push Button Station

    The attached document provides the specification for the iN3 Push Button Station. See Control Unit section for specifications on Control Unit.

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  • Intelligent Navigator Order Form

    Form for ordering Intelligent Navigator push button stations configured as desired.

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  • iNavigator 3-Wire Sales Brochure

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  • iN3 Ped Head Control Unit

    This is the Control Unit that mounts in the Pedestrian Signal Head (PED Head), takes power from the 120 VAC power to the walk/don't walk light signals, and operates the Push Button Station via 3 wires that connect the Control Unit to the Push Button Station. One Control Unit is required for each Push Button Station.

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  • iN3 Accessories

    The accessories listed below are applicable only to the iN3. All accessories shown under the iN2 Accessories section are also applicable to the iN3 unless otherwise noted in the description. Click (here) to go to iN2 Accessories section.

  • 3 Wire Cable 12', 25' and 50' Long

    This is the cable that is used to connect the iPHCU3W to the iN3 Navigator Push Button Station and comes in a 12, 25 and 50 foot lengths. Part numbers for ordering are
    iN3-CABLE-12 for 12'
    iN3-CABLE-25 for 25'
    In3-CABLE-50 for 50'

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  • iN3 System Manual

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  • iN3 Quick Start Guide

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  • Quickstart Guide to Wireless Sync

    Quickstart guide for setting up the wireless sync feature.

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  • Converting EN4 (4 wire cable) to iN3 - Instructions

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  • iN3 Android Application Manual

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    iN3 System Installation Videos


    Intelligent Configuration Utility – PC Application Tutorials




    Intelligent Configuration Utility –┬áiOS Application Tutorials